Training Camp

Looking for a good place for your training camp?

We can offer you a complete package of accommodation, food and training opportunities!

  • The hostel (former railway hotel) can accommodate groups of 40 persons. Serving breakfast and can provide sheets and towels.
  • Wärdshuset Hyttan serves lunch and dinner.
  • Målerås Idrottsförening has a sports hall of 620 square meters, with lines for handball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, four out ennis table, innebandymål and high-jump position.
  • Folkets Hus has a good meeting center.

  • Summer half year we have a football field (grass) and a tennis court (asphalt).
  • Skogar har vi gott om. Mycket lättsprunget. Orienteringskartor finns.
  • Winter months, you can practice skiing in Alstermo. Natural snow and 2 km with artificial snow
  • KicKick-off activities: hyttsill with glass blowing, shooting alley, walk 7 km "The Ice Age footprints", bicycle tours, barbecues, fishing, swimming.

Close to everything!


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Nybro OK's training camp for young people in November 2010. "A very successful hit! Such a reception given in Målerås I have never seen anywhere else and are now planning for the next camp," Rose-Marie Karlsson, leader Nybro OK.


Flygsfors Sports Association's football camp in spring 2009. "We chose Målerås for closeness sake. Good early training on the grass and we had a fantastic kick-off with hyttsill, glass blowing and then shooting at the shooting range. We were heltaggade the season starlings and will book us for the spring of 2011," Björn Johansson , team leader.