Alsterån & Noble Småland

Målerås – Alsterbro - Målerås

2 days, 2 nights, 34 + 45 km = 79 km


Day 1 "Alsterån"


Målerås – Alsterbro,  34 km


The tour starts in Målerås and goes through Alstermo and Fröseke to Alsterbro. Parts of the route follows Alsterån and after Fröseke you will enter into Hinkaryd nature reserve with 250 years old conifer forest and very tall trees. Uvafors is where Alsterån flows into the Great Lake Hind and here you have views of waterfalls, Alsterån and the lake. Arriving in Alsterbro you can bathe in the Great Lake Hind. Here you can also rent a raft as an alternative accommodation.


The package includes: picnic packages, dinner basket and overnight stay including breakfast at the Mini hotel in Alsterbro.


Day 2 "Noble Småland"


Alsterbro – Målerås, 45 km


The tour starts in Alsterbro and goes through Stensjön and Alstermo to Målerås for overnight. You cycle on forest roads in open country, passing the nature reserve Stensjön, idyllic Long Screw with beautiful meadows, stone walls, old barns and houses with gingerbread. It has been both glassworks and gold mining. During the tour can swim. In conclusion, you can choose to follow a piece of Alsterån with its flowing water.


Bicycle Package


Complete bicycle package with accomodation at the Mini Hotel in Alsterbro

och Målerås Hostel

Pris: 1.875 SEK/2 day


 Complete bicycle package with accomodation at the Mini Hotel in Alsterbro and apartment with B&B in Målerås

Price: 1.875 SEK/2 day 



Deduction of 10% for own bike


Includes: bicycle rental, helmet, bike bag, travel documents, incl. map and guide info, sharing a double room incl. sheets and towels, breakfast, picnic packages, dinner basket incl. beverage


Free for children up to four years.
50% discount for children from five years to 12 years.
Bring your own child's bicycle and helmet.

Baby seat including a helmet is.



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